[Wannier] wien2wannier release 1.0-beta

Elias Assmann elias.assmann at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 19:50:53 CET 2014

Dear Wien2k users,

A new version of wien2wannier (1.0-beta), the interface from Wien2k to 
Wannier90, is available at


The new version is tagged as a “beta” release until it has been more 
thoroughly tested.  Nonetheless, it is fully functional and you are 
encouraged to use this version.  Bug reports to 
<wien2wannier at ifp.tuwien.ac.at> will be appreciated.

New features include:

  * more flexible and powerful specification of initial projections 
(e.g., arbitrary rotations are supported)

  * fix handling of k-points for various lattice types

  * wien2wannier may now be used under the terms of the GNU GPL

Please see the file ‘NEWS’ in the distribution for more information.

Elias Assmann (TU Wien)

Wien2Wannier: maximally localized Wannier functions
               from linearized augmented plane waves


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