[Wannier] spin polarized GW0 band structure calculation with VASP and wannier90

康利静 hslk77 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 4 09:46:47 CET 2013

Dear all,
I'm new with wannier90. Now I'm trying to get the band structure from a spin polarized GW0 calculation by wannier90.
By setting LWANNIER90=T, I got the wannier90 files as: wannier90.win, wannier90.wout, wannier90.up.mmn, wannier90.dn.mmn, wannier90.up.eig, wannier90.dn.eig. Now I want to ask how to run wannier90 to get the band structure? If I simply type: "wannier90.x wannier90.win", I get the error message as: "Error: Problem opening input file wannier90.mmn". Could anyone kindly tell me how to do this?
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