[Wannier] Wannier90 for OpenVMS

Jouk Jansen joukj at hrem.nano.tudelft.nl
Fri May 4 14:58:19 CEST 2012

a.mostofi at imperial.ac.uk wrote on 28-APR-2012 01:28:47.57

>Regarding the character strings in plot.F90, we will modify them using 
>the more compact solution that Giovanni has suggested below.
Fine to me.

>Regarding the other comments, I would prefer not to modify the main 
>release with platform-dependent compiler directives, especially for 
>platforms that we do not have the means to test ourselves. When we 
>release the new version of the code, I hope it would not be too much 
>trouble for you to update your patch for it.

No problem. But maybe a link to my web-site can be created on your web-site,
telling about the "not official supported" version for OpenVMS.


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