[Wannier] K-points error for pw2wannier.x

Samir Ellzardane cmsl10 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 15:33:31 CET 2011

Dear wannier users,

I'm triying to do wannier calculation of simple structurale geometry of
FePO4 with four atoms in the unit cell using LDA+U formalisme. So following
all the steps of wannier calculations are made without any problem until
pw2wannier.x step with this error (see below)

     Program POST-PROC v.4.1.2  starts ...
     Today is 21Jan2011 at 11:29:51

  Reading nscf_save data
     file O.pbe-rrkjus.UPF: wavefunction(s)  2S renormalized

  Spin CASE ( up )

  Wannier mode is: standalone

  *** Reading nnkp

  Checking info from wannier.nnkp file

  - Real lattice is ok
  - Reciprocal lattice is ok
  Something wrong!
  numk=          60  iknum=         136

Could anyone help me,

Thank you in advance

Samir Ellzardane, PhD. student
Physics Department, University of Guelma 24000, Algeria
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