[Wannier] recommended Linux installation

Jonathan Yates jry20 at cam.ac.uk
Tue May 6 11:19:17 CEST 2008

On Mon, 5 May 2008, Alexys Bruno Alfonso wrote:

> please, I would like to know which of the available Linux
> installations is usually recommended for running the Fortran files of
> Wannier90.


  Wannier90 simply requires a good f95 compiler, so there is no requirement 
for a particular linux distribution. The best choice is probably whatever 
your institution supports (or the one the local computer-guru uses!)

  There are notes on compiler choice in the wannier90 file README.INSTALL.

  The g95 and gfortran compilers will work with any distribution. On their 
websites the commercial compilers (intel and pathscale) list a number of 
distributions with which they are known to be compatible. (as does the 
semi-free Sun compiler).

  As a data point: locally we're running Suse with intel, pathscale, sun, 
g95 and gfortran - w90 works fine with all of those. In the past I've 
found both ubuntu and fedora straight-forward to install.

earlier you asked:
> I am a new user of Wannier90. I have not succeeded to compile the
> source codes in Digital Visual Fortran, Windows XP. I believe I did
> not understand the installation procedures. Can anybody tell me how to
> do it?

  I assume by the silence, nobody has. I will say the DVF is a pretty old 
compiler (it was replaced by CVF, and then superceded by intel). I'm not 
sure if it supports f95, as opposed to just f90.
  If you still want to try this please post the version number of the 
compiler, what you tried to do, and any error messages. Although I think 
it a much better plan to move to linux and a more recent compiler.


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