[Wannier] Plotting several wannier functions in one unit cell?

Jonathan Yates jry20 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Nov 17 22:45:00 CET 2007

On Sat, 17 Nov 2007, Sergey Levchenko wrote:

> Is there a way to plot several different Wannier functions in one unit
> cell? When I request several functions using wannier_plot_list,
> several different xsf files are generated.


  The quick answer to your question is that I do not know an easy way to do 
this. But I can appreciate that it would be a useful thing to be able to 

  The xsf format is intended to be read by Xcrysden. As I understand it 
Xcrysden is not able to plot multiple isosurfaces (ie several WF at once). 
You could put several WF in a single xsf file - however, you are then only 
able to plot a single isosurface over a linear combination of the WF - 
which generally isn't helpful.

  In the near future we will add support for cube format. This is read by 
several programs (jmol, vmd) and may help.


btw. If you have any suggestions for good crystal visualisation programs 
that support multiple isosurfaces, we'd be interested to hear them - even 
more so if someone will volunteer to write the wannier90 interface...

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