[QE-users] list of q-points in the output of matdyn.x

Fabrizio Cossu fabrizio.cossu at apctp.org
Wed Jan 16 08:31:17 CET 2019

   Dear users of Quantum ESPRESSO,
I have two questions.

I would like to obtain the values of the phononic dispersion on the
Brillouin zone (instead of just along some high symmetry lines). I know
that in the matdyn.x input I can specify the coordinates either in
cartesian or in crystallographic mode, and that ph.x gives in output
q-points in crystallographic coordinates, and so does matdyn.x; at least by
default. Is there any switch to cartesian coordinates? Surely I can do this
in post-processing, but having it already as output would make my life

Analogously as above, but for the electronic band-structure (basically, I'd
like to plot the Fermi surface, but obtaining the q-points in cartesian
coordinates in units of 2π/a).

   Thank you in advance,


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