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Andreussi, Oliviero Oliviero.Andreussi at unt.edu
Fri May 11 00:46:49 CEST 2018

Dear Lance,

Thanks for reporting this problem to the forum. The issue is known, it unfortunately appeared after the release of the code, it depends on the compiler/linker, but it is present with intel fortran compiler which is quite widespread.

The solution to the problem is reported here


Please note that most of the times you don’t really need to “make all”, in particular many QE codes are not coupled with Environ and would not need to be recompiled (e.g. this is the case of ph.x). If you just need pw.x, the code should be already present and compiled. If you need the TDDFPT codes or CP code, then you should follow the rather boring hacks in the above webpage.

Sorry for the hassle, hopefully the problem will be solved in the next releases of QE/Environ.


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On May 10, 2018, at 5:40 PM, Lance Kavalsky <lance.kavalsky at mail.utoronto.ca<mailto:lance.kavalsky at mail.utoronto.ca>> wrote:

Dear Developers/Users,

I have been trying to install Environ with QE 6.2.1 and QE 6.1 by following the instructions mentioned in the following link: http://www.quantum-environment.org/installation.html. However, after applying the environ patch when I type 'make all' or 'make pw', I receive error messages. For example, I get the following error for 'make pw',

0 inform,   0 warnings,   2 severes, 0 fatal for environ_initbase
make[1]: *** [environ_init.o] Error 2
make: *** [mods] Error 1

When I use 'make all', I  get an error with ph.x. Can anyone help with this?

Lance Kavalsky

MASc. Student
University of Toronto
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