[Pw_forum] Total forces of relaxing metallic system decreases then increases gradually

Hind Almisbahi halmisbahi at kau.edu.sa
Sun Feb 18 02:55:55 CET 2018

Dear experts of quantum espresso,

I am doing relaxation and the problem is that the total force is decreasing
until the 4th scf, then start to increase gradually. The system does not
converge. Actually, I need to calculate the band structure and see the band
gap of Armchair graphene ribbon. The ribbon width is composed of 17 carbon
atoms (N=3p+2 family), so it is metallic. I have one unit cell of the
ribbon. I read in this mailing list many useful discussions about suitable
input for metallic systems and I followed them as I understand. The version
of quantum espresso is 6.1.

I tried many options of the input script but all the runs have the same
problem, total force is decreasing until the 4th scf then start to increase
gradually. This is a complete version of my input:







  etot_conv_thr= 1.0D-3,



























  C 12.010700d0 C.pbe-rrkjus.UPF


   C   0.0336555229d0   0.6666666956d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.0919486003d0   0.8333333913d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.0336555229d0   0.3333333044d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.1502416777d0   0.6666666956d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.2085347551d0   0.8333333913d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.0919486003d0   0.1666666087d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.1502416777d0   0.3333333044d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.2668277852d0   0.6666666956d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.3251206731d0   0.8333333913d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.2085347551d0   0.1666666087d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.2668277852d0   0.3333333044d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.3834141768d0   0.6666666956d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.4417072068d0   0.8333333913d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.3251206731d0   0.1666666087d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.3834141768d0   0.3333333044d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.5000002369d0   0.6666666956d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.5582932669d0   0.8333333913d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.4417072068d0   0.1666666087d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.5000002369d0   0.3333333044d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.6165862969d0   0.6666666956d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.6748793269d0   0.8333333913d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.5582932669d0   0.1666666087d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.6165862969d0   0.3333333044d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.7331723570d0   0.6666666956d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.7914653870d0   0.8333333913d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.6748793269d0   0.1666666087d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.7331723570d0   0.3333333044d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.8497584170d0   0.6666666956d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.9080514470d0   0.8333333913d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.7914653870d0   0.1666666087d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.8497584170d0   0.3333333044d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.9663444771d0   0.6666666956d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.9080514470d0   0.1666666087d0   0.5000000000d0

   C   0.9663444771d0   0.3333333044d0   0.5000000000d0

K_POINTS {automatic}

1       50  1  0  0  0

These are some of the many options that I have explored:

The above potential is ultrasoft, I used also norm conserving

Smearing: I used methfessel-paxton and marzari-vanderbilt

Degause: I used 0.01 and 0.001

mixing_beta: I used 0.1 and 0.7

mixing_mode: I used local-TF and TF

mixing_ndim: I used 8 and 12

diagonalization: I used cg and david

ecutwfc: I used 65 and 75

ecutrho: with norm conserving (ecutwfc*4 and ecutwfc*10), with ultrasoft

nbnd=76 (I have 34 atoms, so 136 valence electrons which need 68 bands,
because it is metallic I added 8 extra bands)

Previously I have successfully calculated the band structure and band gap
of semiconductor ribbon but I could not do the calculation of metallic
ribbon. I appreciate any help to solve my problem, why the forces always
increase after the 4th scf?


Best Regards,


Lecturer, IT department

King Abdulaziz University

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