[Pw_forum] Restart from previous run

Sylwia Golab Sylwia.Golab at fis.agh.edu.pl
Wed Feb 7 14:43:56 CET 2018

Dear users,

I wonder if it is possible to start scf calculations with pw.x from previous run? 
It is needed in at least two cases:
1) when one want to include SOC. It would be great if one could start from potential already calculated without SOC instead of potential of free atoms. Is it possible just by mode 'restart'?
2) when one want to start calculations on denser k-points grid. Here we cannot use 'restart' mode, because the number of K000... dirs is different. Is there an another way to start calculations eg. on grid consisted of  24^3 kpoints with potential calculated on 12^3? 

Thank you in advance,
Sylwia Golab
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