[Pw_forum] phonon dispersion by using optimized tetrahedron method

Enamul Haque enamulaps at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 12:32:43 CET 2018

Dear  PWSCF users

*I  am very interested to calculated the e-ph constant by using both
tetrahedron and interpolated method. I can do both task. The problem is
that I cannot calculate the phonon dispersion by using tetrahedron method,
and I do not find any source to solve this, although I can do this by using
interpolated method. Since q2r code does not work in tetrahedron method,
how can I run matdyn?*

*It would be a great pleasure for me if you help me in this regard. *

*Thank you for your time!*

*Best Regards,*
*Enamul Haque*
*Dept. of physics*
*enamul <enamul at mailaps.org>aps at gmail.com <aps at gmail.com>*
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