[QE-users] Superposition of 2Pz orbital's states

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Thanks for your reply. When I use your method,I got the same result as before.That is two columns of data:E (eV)  pdos(E),Where pdos(E)contains the sum of three items:Pz,Px,Py.But my purpose is to only sum the Pz orbital's states of each atom.

Gui Wei
School of Mechanical Engineering,Chongqing University, China

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My quick and dirty homemade way

ls -1 pdos_atm* > list.dat

grep "(p" list.dat > list_2p.dat
sumpdos.x -f list_2p.dat > pdos_2p.dat  



On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 10:39 AM Gui Wei <201707021019 at cqu.edu.cn> wrote:

When I sum the pdos for 2p orbitals of 64 carbon atoms with sumpdos.x : ./sumpdos.x C.pdos_atm#1(\C\)_wfc#2\(p\) C.pdos_atm#2(\C\)_wfc#2\(p\)……C.pdos_atm#64(\C\)_wfc#2\(p\).I obtain the result that contains only two columns of data:E(eV)and pdos(E) rather than four columns:E(eV) pdos(E) pdos(E) pdos(E).But what I care about is the result of superposition of 2Pz orbital's states.Is there any easy way to quickly count the data I want?

Gui Wei
School of Mechanical Engineering,Chongqing University, China
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