[QE-users] Plotband.x .ps output only display dot

Dr. Thomas Brumme thomas.brumme at uni-leipzig.de
Sun Apr 29 22:58:42 CEST 2018

Dear Erland (?)

In the last line of your Cu.bands.in it should be "0 0 0 1" as
there is no additional point, but I don't know if this is the
origin of your problem. If not, we need more information, e.g.,
the version you're using, maybe part of the output (especially
with respect to the point above).

And please, read the posting guidelines:


Especially these points:

"Remember that even experts cannot guess where a problem lies in
the absence of sufficient information. One piece of information
that must always be provided is the version number you are using."

"Sign your post with your name and affiliation."



Zitat von Erland Rachmad <erland.rachmad at gmail.com>:

> Dear users,
> I tried to do some band calculations of Copper for learning. I have ran scf
> and then bands calculation but whenever I tried plotband it always display
> dot without any line (I attach the .ps output file). How do I fix this? For
> the K_POINTS, I specify G-X-W-K-G-L-U-W-L-K|U-X for FCC path.

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