[QE-users] cholesky Error

Laurens Siemons laurenssiemons at hotmail.be
Tue Apr 10 09:49:56 CEST 2018

If your sure there's nothing wrong with your structure or your input parameters, then you can try to  add 'nd 1' to your script when you submit it like:

pw.x -nd 1 -inp name.rx.in > name.rx.out

This worked for me.
 Laurens Siemons
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Thanks for the hint, I understand this topic has already been discussed. However, after doing all possible variations I still get the same error.

Anyhow, I believe there is not any explicit answer to this issue.



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On 09/04/18 09:57, Amin Mirzai wrote:
>   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
>       Error in routine  cdiaghg (251):
>        problems computing cholesky
>   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
This is one of the most regularly asked questions. This error typically
comes from bad geometry (i.e. ions core regions overlapping), bad
pseudopotentials (should not happen with anything from usual libraries)
or problematic input parameters with advanced features (i.e. lda+U, exx,...)

kind regards

Lorenzo Paulatto - Paris
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