[Pw_forum] Properly instructing ./configure to locate external libraries

Aldo Ugolotti a.ugolotti at campus.unimib.it
Thu Jul 20 14:17:00 CEST 2017

Dear Lorenzo,

> Hello Aldo,
> if you start with just ./configure MPIF90=mpiifort (check the number of "i") does it detect the parallel environment properly?

in my case mpifort is the right compiler, built from the openmpi 
libraries (it also creates mpif90, but in their notes it is written to 
select the former).

> Anyway, if you want bit of some usefull advice you should provide your config.log

Sure, here are the config.log and make.inc create for the first and 
second command, respectively.

https://file.town/download/xk46wt1v0sllh5wawryn0tcfr - config.log_1
https://file.town/download/cezxmppyvm60zev3wk1gzhmxz - make.inc_1

https://file.town/download/ygmfpkkrlhxj7n74y5sk6gwu4 - config.log_2
https://file.town/download/1uhk3oub9vmhpme2aq0nveu6h - make.inc_2



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