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Dear Vineet Kumar,

if you average the charge over a surface you'll get the charge per unit 
surface. Integrating this will give you the total charge per unit surface...

I think the output of average.x is just this... Thus, you'll need to 
multiply by the xy-area of your unit cell...



On 07/04/17 11:08, VineetKumar Pandey wrote:
> I am trying to calculate charge density(rho)  as a function of z axis. 
> what I did by using pp.x and then average.x. but when I am integrating 
> rho(z)  with respect to z. I am not getting the total charge, that I 
> have in my system. can anybody help me to get out of it?  actually, my 
> system is PbI2. and it has 18 e- in a unit cell.
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