[Pw_forum] Running Environ with pw.x

Oliviero Andreussi oliviero.andreussi at usi.ch
Thu Sep 22 10:22:18 CEST 2016

Dear Rolly,

As far as I know, the input needs to be in the same directory of the input of PW, but if I am wrong please let me know. At least this is how it has always worked for my applications until now, but I can't rule out that it depends on the machine, compilation or something else. I usually run the program as PATH-to-QE-bin/pw.x --environ < file.in > file.out & 

Let me know if you have more informations about this issue.


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Dear Oliviero,

Thanks for the very detailed explanation. It works now, and I might have
missed some important steps in the previous trial.

Besides, I notice that I have to place the environ.in at the same
directory as with pw.x. Can I place it elsewhere instead?

I am using pw.x --environ -inp file.in |tee file.out

Thank you,

On 09/16/2016 12:21 AM, Oliviero Andreussi wrote:
> ./install/addsonpatch.sh Environ Environ/src Modules -patch

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