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I found this online... 


could it help? 

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I have a question about how to compute the abinitio U, I'm following the 
online Santa Barbara 2009 tutorial (and trying to use the script therein) and 
PRB 71, 35105 (2005). 

I have a system that is not very large but quite heavy to compute, and have 
several atomic species (3 at first, then 4) but only one is problematic, as it 
is could be Cerium or other Lanthanoids. 

It would be quite anoying and very cpu time consuming for me to properly* 
compute U by finite response for all the species, but I'm not sure that 
1. it is possible with the available toolchain 
2. it makes sense 

Also, if somebody (e.g. Matteo) has some more recent and/or more user friendly 
code to compute dalpha/dn I'm a taker. 

thank you for your help! 

*) by properly I mean take care that it is converged with the supercell size 

Dr. Lorenzo Paulatto 
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