[Pw_forum] Problem with MPI parallelization: Error in routine zsqmred

Filippo SPIGA filippo.spiga at quantum-espresso.org
Fri Sep 2 14:10:38 CEST 2016

Dear Jan,

Paolo is right, you are providing us very little information to help. Please create a tar,gz containing:
- your make.sys
- the file "install/config.log"
- the submission script you used to run the job
- the input file
- the pseudo-potentials required to run the example
- some technical details about your workstation / server / cluster

On Sep 2, 2016, at 8:43 AM, Jan Oliver Oelerich <jan.oliver.oelerich at physik.uni-marburg.de> wrote:
> Hi QE users,
> I am trying to run QE 5.4.0 with MPI parallelization on a mid-size 
> cluster. I successfully tested the installation using 8 processes 
> distributed on 2 nodes, so communication across nodes is not a problem. 
> When I, however, run the same calculation on 64 cores, I am getting the 
> following error messages in the stdout:

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