[Pw_forum] No automatic tests after installation

imitrichev at muctr.ru imitrichev at muctr.ru
Tue May 31 16:05:00 CEST 2016

I have installed QE 5.4.0 (configured with ./configure -enable-parallel -enable-openmp -with-internal-blas -with-internal-lapack). All additional archives were downloaded automatically to `archive` during compilation. I didn't see any errors on compilation.

But I have no automatic tests for PW, and CPV, i.e. PW/tests and CPV/tests directories.

The contents of my espresso-5.4.0 directory:
$ ls
archive COUPLE include LR_Modules PlotPhon README
atomic CPV install Makefile PP S3DE
bin dev-tools iotk make.sys pseudo TDDFPT
BLAS Doc lapack-3.2 Modules PW tempdir
clib environment_variables LAXlib NEB PWCOND upftools
configure FFTXlib License PHonon QHA XSpectra

The contents of PW directory:
Doc examples Makefile src tools

I can run examples from PW directory:
espresso-5.4.0/PW/examples/example08 : starting
 running scf for FeO in LDA ... done
espresso-5.4.0/PW/examples/example08 : done

How can it be explained that I have no PW/tests and CPV/tests?

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