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Jingyang Wang jw598 at cornell.edu
Mon May 23 15:06:36 CEST 2016

Dear Lorenzo, Paolo and others,

Thank you all for your very helpful suggestions! I have tried adding .d0
after the values for ecutwfc and ecutrho, but the same error persists. The
compilers for QE 5.4.0 on Stampede are ifort and icc 15.0.2. I compiled QE
5.1.2 using the same compilers, but the same error occured again. This
should confirm that it is a bug related to the compiler. I will try QE
5.0.3 since it is compiled by ifort and icc 13.0.2 on Stampede.

Jingyang 'Mark' Wang
School of Applied and Engineering Physics
Cornell University
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