[Pw_forum] Error in routine read_rho_xml

Cristian Degli Esposti Boschi degliesposti at bo.imm.cnr.it
Mon Jul 4 17:01:11 CEST 2016

Dear all,

in am writing here for suggestions about a (post) post-processing issue 
with the executable pp.x

I have some (supposedly complete) outputs from relaxations carried out 
with pw.x in a large parallel machines, now stored as compressed files.

If I try to decompress the output directory (in which I find *.wfc* 
files and output directory with prefix.save subdirectory) then run pp.x
(with some specific postprocessing input file) I get the error

"Error in routine read_rho_xml (1)
  cannot open ./out/acm15-df2.save/charge-density.dat file for reading"

because typically the charge-density.dat file or even the file 
vdW_kernel_table cannot be read, despite the fact that
I can correctly list them using the path specified in the error lines 
and that I set all the r/w permissions on the decompressed directory.

Any clues?

Thanks for your time,

Cristian Degli Esposti Boschi
CNR-IMM, Sezione di Bologna,
via Gobetti, 101, 40129, Bologna, Italia
tel. ++39 051 6399152, fax ++39 051 6399216
email: degliesposti -AT- bo.imm.cnr.it
web:   www.bo.imm.cnr.it/site/staff/personal_pages/degliesposti/

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