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Dear Andrey,

This is normally achieved making a surface supercell with lattice vectors given by a linear combination of the lattice vectors of the non-rectangular cell. For the case of Al2O3 (0001), since the gamma angle is 120°, you want build a cell with u’=u and v’=u+2v, where u and v are the original surface lattice vectors and u’ and v’ the ones for the rectangular cell.

You can for example do this in VESTA, Edit->Edit Data->Unit Cell. First remove the symmetry to get a P1 structure and the with the “Option" button redefine you lattice as ((1 1 0), (0 2 0), (0 0 1)).

Hope that helps.

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How to build the rectangular surface of Al2O3(0001)?
Than, the angle between a and b parameters is 90 degrees.

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