[Pw_forum] magnetization.x.xml vs magnetization.x.dat

Małgorzata Wawrzyniak-Adamczewska mwaw at amu.edu.pl
Wed Jan 27 09:33:13 CET 2016


Dear Quantum Espresso Users and Developers, 

I faced the following problem trying to calculate the band structure for
my system: 

I did my scf calculations including SO with non-zero starting

Then I tried to calculate the band structure, and the program crashed
due to the lack of magnetization.x.xml file. 

The problem is that the only file I can find is the magnetization.x.dat.

How can I obtain the xml files for magnetization? Is it posible from the
dat file? 

I use QE 5.3.0 version. 

Thanks in advance, 

Malgorzata Wawrzyniak 

UAM Poznan 
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