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Filippo SPIGA filippo.spiga at quantum-espresso.org
Thu Jan 21 15:36:47 CET 2016

On Jan 21, 2016, at 6:18 PM, Mohammed Ghadiyali <m786g at live.co.uk> wrote:
> I have few questions regarding CUDA support of Quantum ESPRESSO, as we are planning to procure a server. And one of the configurations we are looking into has dual Intel Xeon cpu's and four nvidia's graphic cards, similar to this:
> http://www.thinkmate.com/system/gpx-xt4-2160v3-titan
> 1. Does it support the consumer graphics cards like GTX 980ti or GTX TitanX (as K40 and K80 basically cost like an arm and leg, we could buy four consumer graphics cards for the price of one)?

No, QE-GPU is not designed to use gaming cards. you need a NVIDIA TESLA (K20, K40 or K80). The code will work on NVIDIA GTX TITAN but performance will be crap.

> 3. Or we should go for complete CPU solution?

If you do not have enough funding to but a NVIDIA TESLA with proper double-precision support or if you are planning to use the server _only_ for QE then I suggest you to go for the CPU-only solution.

> 4. I know that CUDA is nvida's platform but is it possible to run Quantum ESPRESSO on AMD's platform (i.e on AMD APU series processors)?



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