[Pw_forum] Error running thermo examples

Ridwan Agbaoye agbaoyeridwan at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 12 11:45:12 CET 2016

Good day EverybodyI want to calculate the elastic constant of a monoclinic compound using quantum espresso on my computer, i decide to use the thermo_pw package since i do not understand any other method.After compiling installing the thermo_pw package with make join_qe and make thermo_pw then i decide to run the examples to see how it works but i got the following errortask #from mp_start_images :error #invalid number of images, out of range
and i realized thermo_pw attempt running as : mpirun -np 4 /home/agbaoyeridwanolamide/espresso-5.2.1/bin/thermo_pw.x  -ni 2  -nk 1 -nd 1 -nb 1 -nt 1
How do i run on my computer as i do not have access to computer clusters 
Agbaoye Ridwan OlamideM.Sc. in view 
Federal University of Agriculture AbeokutaNigeria
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