[Pw_forum] Bethe-Salpeter equation and trion

Sitangshu Bhattacharya sitangshu at iiita.ac.in
Wed Dec 28 05:15:18 CET 2016

Dear PWguys,

I know that BSE is a two body Green's function from which the existance of
trion is hard to predict... But is this reasonable to say that if the
charge state of the three body can somehow be predicted by the BS equation,
the one can be sure that there are positive or negative trions? I was
wondering if there is any script available for that...?

Wth regards,
Dr. Sitangshu Bhattacharya
Assistant Professor,
Nanoscale Electro-Thermal Laboratory,
Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering,
Indian Institute of Information Technology-Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh 211 012
Web-page: http://profile.iiita.ac.in/sitangshu/
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