[Pw_forum] Another problem with bands.x "reading band namelist"

Imam Setiawan tomieyes6 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 26 13:47:12 CET 2016

 Dear PW_forum members,
I run into an error that seems to be already discussed in this forum. This is about "reading band namelist" error when trying to run bands.x. I have already tried solutions suggested in the other posts such as making the prefix and outdir the same as the pw.x's input files but it is not solved. Since all questions related to this problem that i have found pertain earlier version of QE (I used QE 6.0), could it be version-related problem?My input for bands.x is the following
   outdir = './work/',
and the error I got is
Program BANDS v.6.0 (svn rev. 13079) starts on 25Dec2016 at 22:44:23 
     This program is part of the open-source Quantum ESPRESSO suite
     for quantum simulation of materials; please cite
         "P. Giannozzi et al., J. Phys.:Condens. Matter 21 395502 (2009);
          URL http://www.quantum-espresso.org", 
     in publications or presentations arising from this work. More details at

     Serial multi-threaded version, running on    1 processor cores

     Error in routine bands (1):
     reading bands namelist

     stopping ...
I really appreciate anyone's help.

WahyutamaPhD StudentRIKEN Saitama, Japan 
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