[Pw_forum] PHonon Raman Spectra error

nicola varini nicola.varini at epfl.ch
Wed Sep 30 14:10:57 CEST 2015

Ok I got what you miss: if you would like to restart with a different 
number of processor you must specify
wf_collect=.true. as the error suggest you.

  Error in routine phq_readin (1):
      pw.x run with a different number of processors. Use wf_collect=.true.

The best way to understand which options pw.x takes is to use 
as a reference.
it explains what wf_collect does.
is a good description for the parallelization level.
Now if I take the parallelization info at the beginning of your code I see
      Parallel version (MPI), running on    32 processors
      path-images division:  nimage    =       4
      K-points division:     npool     =       4
      R & G space division:  proc/nbgrp/npool/nimage = 2


On 29/09/15 17:38, Raymond Gasper wrote:
> Use wf_collect=.true.

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