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On Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 11:36 PM, Cameron Foss <cjfoss at umass.edu> wrote:

> This is a second message of two because the first mail I attached some
> input files that exceeded the maximum message body of 200KB.

... and not by a small amount:

From: cjfoss at umass.edu on Thu Sep 17 23:21:22 2015
Subject: Electronic band data for dense grid of kpoints
Cause: Message body is too big: 12946383 bytes with a limit of 200 KB

> I am trying to obtain electronic band data for graphene for a dense grid
> of 126040 kpoints

you need to increase the "npk" parameter in Modules/parameters.f90 and

>      Error in routine card_kpoints (1):
>       end of file while reading tpiba k points

> I have tried searching the source files for pw.x for where this error
> statement is being printed but I have yet to find it.

Routine card_kpoints in Modules/read_cards.f90:
$ grep 'end of file while reading' */*f90
Modules/read_cards.f90:10     CALL errore ('card_kpoints', ' end of file
while reading ' &


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