[Pw_forum] NSCF calculation and k-mesh inonsistency

Giovanni Cantele giovanni.cantele at spin.cnr.it
Thu Nov 26 16:45:51 CET 2015

Your system has 6 symmetry operations, as found in the output. Unless otherwise specified, pw.x always generates symmetry-inequivalent k-points, that is, if the k-point grid
is not compatible with the symmetry operations, it is automatically expanded so has to retrieve the crystal symmetry.

If you want to force pw.x to use the k-point grid you specify in the input as is use the variable (from Doc/INPUT_PW.txt):
   Variable:       nosym

   Type:           LOGICAL
   Default:        .FALSE.
   Description:    if (.TRUE.) symmetry is not used. Note that
                   - if the k-point grid is provided in input, it is used "as is"
                     and symmetry-inequivalent k-points are not generated;
                   - if the k-point grid is automatically generated, it will
                     contain only points in the irreducible BZ for the bravais
                     lattice, irrespective of the actual crystal symmetry.
                   A careful usage of this option can be advantageous
                   - in low-symmetry large cells, if you cannot afford a k-point
                     grid with the correct symmetry
                   - in MD simulations
                   - in calculations for isolated atoms


> On 26 Nov 2015, at 16:34, Carlo Motta <MOTTAC at tcd.ie> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been recently facing some problems occurring during a nscf calculation.
> As you can see in the input file nscf.in, I specify a grid of 216 kpoints, but the codes performs the calculation over a different grid made of 424 kpoints, which contains and expands the one I included in nscf.in (see grid.jpeg attached).
> I am naively assuming that something went wrong - this is not what I would expect. Also, I need this calculation to wannierize some bands and the postprocessing tool pw2wannier90.x, that I run after the nscf, gives an error, which I suspect to be related with the mismatch in kgrids.
> Thank you in advance,
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