[Pw_forum] job vacancy announcement

Stefano Baroni baroni at sissa.it
Sat May 30 15:11:07 CEST 2015

Up to three software development engineer positions will be available as of late Summer / early Fall 2015, to work in the Condensed-Matter Theory and Simulation group of SISSA, Trieste, under the joint supervision of Stefano Baroni and Paolo Giannozzi (University of Udine), to work on the Quantum ESPRESSO suite of computer codes in the framework of a newly established European Centre of Excellence for computing applications (CoE), denominated MaX (Materials design at the eXasacale).

The preliminary announcement can be found here: http://stefano.baroni.me/opening_MaX.html

Stefano Baroni

Stefano Baroni -  SISSA, Trieste - http://stefano.baroni.me, stefanobaroni (Skype) 

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