[Pw_forum] work function of Metal transition metal oxide.

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What is the value of the work function you obtain in the two cases? Could you please post a plot of the electrostatic potential in the two cases, with relevant energies (Fermi level) highlighted?


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> Dear users,
> I am calculation metal (Au) - ZnO work-function. Au(111) is over the ZnO(0001) surface. Since ZnO (0001) surface is polar, so i applied dipole correction.
> I am using 6Layers of Au and 8 double layer of ZnO. So is the workfunction is just the difference between fermi energy Ef and the constant potential in vacuum. Which i got after running pp.x and then average.x  Or something else.
> I am asking this because when after removing two oxygen's from ZnO's 3rd and 5th layer, there is no change in the workfunction. But I am expecting a change due to excess electrons of ZnO.
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