[Pw_forum] problem -while compiling yambo

Andrea Ferretti andrea.ferretti at unimore.it
Tue Jun 30 16:38:15 CEST 2015

Dear Chaitanya,

this issue is normally related to the c-precompiler (which is used to produce a 
bit entering the makefile system of yambo).

can you send the make.sys file generated by the configuration of QE ?
usually it is enough to change some flags there and the problem is sorted out

this issue is partly discussed at the link below for the direct (self-standing) 
configuration/compilation of yambo



> Hi
> I am new to espresso
> i installed espress-5.2 and tried to do make yambo
> but i am getting error
> [Making slatec]<<<
> make[3]: Entering directory `$/espresso-5.2.0/yambo-3.4.1-rev61/lib/slatec'
> Makefile:70: *** missing separator.  Stop.
> please let me know how to overcome this problem
> regards
> Chaitanya Varma M

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