[Pw_forum] what origin of difference in obtained energy from Dmol3 and ESPRESSO?

Ari P Seitsonen Ari.P.Seitsonen at iki.fi
Sun Jun 28 12:58:13 CEST 2015

Dear Ehsan targholi,

   Keyword here is "pseudo potential" (QE), versus (probably) all-electron 
calculation in Dmol3. In practise one is almost always interested in 
energy differences between different systems but the same approach, and 
thus total energies never appear there.

     Greetings from Montrouge,


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On Sun, 28 Jun 2015, ehsan targholi wrote:

> hi to every one
> Dear all
> i have a serious problem. when i performed the attached input calculation
> with ESPRESSO, i gave the total energy equal to -71.43856899 Ry that is very
> different with output of Dmol3 software that gave the total energy equal to 
> -210.165297Ha ( -420.330 594 Rydberg [Ry]).
> the same calculation input has been used for both software.
> I am quite confused.
> best regard
> Ehsan targholi

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