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庞瑞(PANG Rui) pang.r at sustc.edu.cn
Tue Jun 9 05:17:30 CEST 2015

Dear Andrea:

I always use 


Is there any difference? 

This location works in different areas of China, I believe it is accessible from Wuhan.

If it is the same with the location you post, your students can save their money to buy VPN.



庞瑞(PANG Rui)

South University of Science and Technology of China/Department of Physics

No.1088,Xueyuan Road, Shenzhen,Guangdong

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Subject:  [Pw_forum] access forum from China

Dear all,

I am supervising two Chinese MSc students, using  QE. 
They work at the Wuhan University, China.

From their location, they are unable to access the forum 
at the site

As I see many students/scientists working from China and using the forum, 
I 'd like to ask if there is an alternative possibility to access this forum and other 
QE documents from China and in particular from the Wuhan region.

Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards

Andrea Floris


 Dr Andrea Floris
 Associate Researcher 
 C/Albert Einstein, 48
 01510 Miñano (Alava) Spain
 Phone  +34 632 780 680
 Email  an.floris at gmail.com, andrea.floris at kcl.ac.uk 
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