[Pw_forum] installation.

Jiban Kangsabanik jiban2512 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 14:26:31 CET 2015

     After installing quantum espresso in a cluster by using commands
'./configure' and 'make all' when I was running a calculation it was giving
the message like below-
     "WARNING: No preset parameters were found for the device that Open MPI

  Local host:            didymium.cmpgroup.ameslab.gov
  Device name:           mlx4_0
  Device vendor ID:      0x02c9
  Device vendor part ID: 4099

Default device parameters will be used, which may result in lower
performance.  You can edit any of the files specified by the
btl_openib_device_param_files MCA parameter to set values for your

NOTE: You can turn off this warning by setting the MCA parameter
      btl_openib_warn_no_device_params_found to 0."
It was giving output but was taking approx. same time as my PC. pls.
resolve the issue. Thank you.


Jiban Kangsabanik

Ph.D student, Physics Dept.
Institute of Technology Bombay
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