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Giovanni Cantele giovanni.cantele at spin.cnr.it
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Dear Bipul,

it seems to me that you attached the input for the 12 ZnO double layer run, that is the one that works! Could you please send the one for 8 DL?


> On 27 Apr 2015, at 07:24, Bipul Rakshit <bipulrr at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear PWscf Users,
> I have one doubt on dipole correction applied. My case is Au-ZnO slab (6Au layer and 8/12 Double Layer of ZnO and 20 Angstrom Vacuum). With this mail I am sending pdf in which I ploted the potential vs Layers for 8 double layer (DL) and 12DL of ZnO. In both cases I applied dipole correction. But for 8 DL I didn't get the constant potential in vacuum. But for 12 DL i got it which is expected.
> So is there any criteria that we have to choose some minimum Double Layer of ZnO to get the correct result. Or I am doing some mistake in calculation for 8 DL of ZnO because of which I am not getting the constant potential in vacuum. With this mail I am also sending my input file for dipole correction.
> I am using experimental lattice constant and At first i relax the calculation till forces reaches to 0.001 Ry/au.
> I am using GGA+U.
> So if possible can you please tell me the reason for this.
> regards
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