[Pw_forum] Question on el-ph calculations

Сергей Ерохин sverohin at tisnum.ru
Thu Apr 23 16:50:12 CEST 2015

 Dear Dr. Kondrin,

Thank you for your answer, however I found in the forum that
If your k point grid is fine enough, if you plot lambda as a function of 
the broadening there is a plateau, i.e. it looks like this:

| \
|   \______    <-- converged value
|                  \
|_________\__> broadening

The correct value of lambda is the one on the plateau http://qe-forge.org/pipermail/pw_forum/2014-October/105303.html

And I wonder what value of broadening should be taken to get this plateau. Understand that this value must be small but how far. Could I expect that in my case the plateau at broadening ~0.2.

Sergey Erohin
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