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Konrad Gruszka kgruszka at wip.pcz.pl
Wed Apr 8 08:32:52 CEST 2015

Hello Timothy,

The easiest way to use all of espresso-5.1.x/bin/ directory programs is 
to add this directory to the PATH environmental variable. Then it is not 
important from where you use it. The ld1.x executable is normally 
located in espresso-5.1.x/atomic/src/ but it should work fine without 
copying that file elsewhere due to link in bin directory.

If you encounter any problem with this you must provide more info: 
version of QE and OS you are using and also full path to your QE main 

K. Gruszka
PhD. Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland

W dniu 08.04.2015 o 05:47, Timothy Uto pisze:
> Please i need help on how to locate ld1.x executing file because the one in my bin is short cut and when copied into my working directory it does it work. And also have problems with the running of it. Thanks
> Uto Timothy
> Phd candidate UI
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> please i kindly needs help on how to locate the program ld1.x because in my Bin it showing as a short cut when copied into my working directory it was not working. i also saw the PP file but the id1.x was it there. please help
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