[Pw_forum] How to know from the output file that the GPU part is really running in QE-GPU

Karim Elgammal egkarim at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 11:12:22 CEST 2014

gentle reminder!

> Dears;
> I have now the latest QE-GPU version 14.06 installed with QE5.1
> I run a simple scf calculation as a test by the following:
> *export PHI_DGEMM_SPLIT=0.975*
> *export PHI_ZGEMM_SPLIT=0.975*
> *pw-gpu.x < G.scf.in <http://G.scf.in> > G.scf.out*
> Is there any special variable to declare to be able to run on the GPU? as
> in the output it specifies that "Program PWSCF v.5.1 starts........." with
> nothing specified about "GPU".
> Can you kindly send me example output file from the GPU enabled code as
> well as example shell script for running the pw-gpu?
> --
> Thank you and Best Regards;
> *Karim Elgammal*
> *KTH*
> *Sweden*
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