[Pw_forum] large omega _log

yelena yelena at ipb.ac.rs
Thu Mar 27 13:37:16 CET 2014

Dear everyone,
I have a question that bothers me for a while. I've been doing 
electron-phonon calculations. Everything goes smoothly, but in the end I 
get in lambda.out, really large value for omega_log and (kinda) large 
value for Tc. But omega_log should be smaller for larger value of Tc. 
What could possibly be problem? Why would omega_log be large? I'm doing 
elph calculation on 12 12 1 grid. Should grid be larger? I've been doing 
with 10 Gaussian broadening values (default).

Kind regards,
J. Pesic
PhD Student,
Center for Solid State Physics and New Materials,
IPB Serbia

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