[Pw_forum] wave function coefficients

Robert Hembree hembreerofphysics at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 03:13:37 CET 2014

Hi Ahskan
There are a couple of ways you can do this. The first and probably the most
simple way is to hook directly into the pwscf libraries with some fortran
code. Look at  PP/pw_export.f90 for inspiration in those regards.
Alternatively you can instead actually run pw_export.x which will give you
an xml file containing all of the coefficients and then write your own
separate program to handle that. 

I find the second one easier because then I don't have to deal with openmpi
or figuring out the pwscf library structure and I can open multiple wave
function files at once, but both should be sufficient. It just depends on
your needs

Robert Hembree
Graduate student
Quantum Theory Project
University of Florida

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to whom it may concern

i have to obtain the wave function coefficients.

what should i do ?

thanks so much for your attention.
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