[Pw_forum] How to download GWW

Nguyen Chuong chuongnguyen11 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 10:48:42 CET 2014

Dear PWSCF Users.

I'm interested at the GWW calculation in QE, and want to use it. But I
can't download it at site http://www.gwl-code.org/

Anyone can tell me how to download it?


Nguyen Van Chuong
PhD Student,
Department of Physics,
Don State Technical University.
Rostov on Don, Russia
Group Graphene
Email: chuongnguyen11 at gmail.com or cpuphys86 at gmail.com
Website: http://cpuphys86.webs.com/
Phone mobile: +7 905 45 94 888
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