[Pw_forum] Electron-phonon coupling

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Sun Mar 16 17:46:50 CET 2014

Dear all,
I want to calculate the electron phonon coefficient (lambda) and the superconducting temperature Tc of my system. However I have several questions:
(a) when the electron phonon coefficient is being calculated in ph.x, for every point in the phonon space, it is calculated for several values of degauss? which one do we have to choose? is it the one corresponding to the degauss value chosen in the scf input?
(b) when calculating lambda, using lambda.x, one of the input parameters is ngauss; I used mp method so nguass=1 in my case , however in the same calculations of (a), ngauss=0. Does that influence the results? how to circumvent this, if it does?
(c) The number of phonon points i have in my ph.x calculations is 13! How can I make kpoints.x produce 13 points to be used in lamda.x input?
Thanks in advance
ELIO A NAHADUniversity of RondoniaBrazil 		 	   		  
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