[Pw_forum] QE + EPW

yelena yelena at ipb.ac.rs
Fri Mar 7 16:50:10 CET 2014

Dear everyone,
I'm trying to install EPW. EPW works with version 4.0.3 of QE, so I 
decided to make separate install QE 4.0.3 for EPW and leave my current 
5.0.3 install for other calculations.
I'm aware you don't provide support for obsolete versions but I've been 
having problems with 4.0.3 installation and I was hoping someone could 
help me.
After ./configure everything looks ok (paralel env. detected...) but 
after make all I get


       ALLOCATE( upf%nn(upf%nwfc), upf%nn(upf%nwfc), &
                 1                 2
Error: Allocate-object at (1) also appears at (2)
make[1]: *** [read_upf_v2.o] Error 1

Is there any suggestion how could i fix it?
Best regards,
J. Pesic
PhD Student, Center for Solid State Physics and New Materials,
IPB, Serbia

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