[Pw_forum] Convergence problem for relax calculation

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Dear Mitul Mundra 
Use electron_maxstep > 100, 
(100 is Defult ) 

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Subject: [Pw_forum] Convergence problem for relax calculation 

Dear QE users, 

I am a beginner in electronic structure calculations and I have been trying to do relax calculations for my system. The input and output files are attached along with this mail. My calculations are not converging and I have tried a number of changes discussed on our forum earlier. I have changed the value of mixing_beta from 0.7 to 0.3, I have also increased ecutrho from 160 to 240 to 320 as I am using ultrasoft pseudopotentials. But all my efforts have been futile till now. I would be extremely thankful if anyone could suggest me something which can help my calculations converge. 

Mitul Mundra 
Final year Dual Degree Student 
Department of Chemical Engineering 
IIT Kanpur 

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