[Pw_forum] Do we need to saturate the dangling bonds? and how to add vacuum?

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Fri Jul 4 10:48:03 CEST 2014

You can "add" vacuum by increasing the cell size along z. In the ibrav=4 case this can be accomplished by increasing the celldm(3) parameter by a suitable amount. See also here:



Sir, I am unable to understand how to add VACUUM in the input file of PWscf. While using PWGUI, I need to enter cell parameters only when ibrav=0. Here I understand that I could add vacuum in z-direction. But if I use ibrav=4, then I am only supposed to add atomic positions. This is what I am unable to understand. How do I enter vacuum in this case.
I use AVOGADRO to draw the geometry.
Any help would be welcomed.

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