[Pw_forum] Compile QE v-4.3.2

Vo, Trinh (398C) Trinh.Vo at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Feb 6 00:16:06 CET 2014

Dear QE users,

In compiling QE in order to know whether the  external fftw  library included in Intel MKL (version 13)  is used,  instead of internal fftw is used, I changed the name of the file "fftw.c" in the directory "clib" into different name.  The compilation failed with following message:

make[1]: *** No rule to make target `fftw.c', needed by `fft_stick.o'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home6/ttvo/espresso-4.3.2_test/clib'
make: *** [libs] Error 2

This may mean that the the code failed to find the external library and continued to use the internal one.  I have one question to confirm what I understand, and  I  appreciate if  you could help. if the external library is used, does the internal "fftw.c" is still called by some subroutine in the code?

Thank you,

Trinh Vo

Research and Technology Staff

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