[Pw_forum] Reg: Is QE completely dependent on system parameters?

Lorenzo Paulatto lorenzo.paulatto at impmc.upmc.fr
Wed Feb 5 11:08:08 CET 2014

On 02/05/2014 08:07 AM, Peram sreenivasa reddy wrote:
> Dear Pwscf,
>       Recently i did some calculations in HPC and some in workstation. 
> when i did HPC i did not get imaginary frequencies in my phonon band. 
> When i did it in work station i got negative frequencies. So, i just 
> want to know that the Quantum Espresso is completely dependent on 
> system parameters.
Normally it is not. Are you sure you are using the same version of QE on 
the two systems?
If you are, please post some details about the systems in question and 
about the calculation you are trying to perform.

kind regards.

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